PLEASE Forward this link -- --  to anybody else you know that LIKES having short term rentals in Las Vegas -- we wants THOUSANDS of E-mails and Faxes supporting short term rentals to be sent to the city BEFORE MONDAY 5/20/17 at 5pm PST.

The City of Las Vegas is proposing amendments to Title 6 (Licenses and Regulations) regarding Short Term Rentals.  This will impact Short Term Rentals significantly and negatively.  

They are asking for Public Comment and we must respond by:  Monday, March 20, 2017 by 5 PM. 

As you may be aware, all over the United States, there are cities and municipalities working to BAN Short Term Rentals altogether.  We are working very hard and diligently with VRBO/HomeAway, Expedia and other Vacation Rental advertisers to keep your Vacation Rental travel accommodation options open and available for you, your families, businesses and organizations. 

We sincerely appreciate your patronage of Short Term Rentals and we are asking if you could take a few minutes and write a short email describing your “POSITIVE” experience using Short Term Rentals and the benefits the rental offered compared to staying at a hotel.

Respond by email:    
Please copy and paste in Subject:   TXT-65071: Short Term Residential -- I SUPPORT SHORT TERM RENTALS IN LAS VEGAS
*** Please send me a copy of your email also. BCC me at ***
To respond to the city by fax -- (702) 474-7463   

Thank you and we look forward to your next trip to Vegas!!!

Here are some thoughts shared by other vacation renters that you may want to include in your e-mail or fax ...

A vacation rental was well suited to our travel needs:

Vacation rental provides privacy and quiet environment that is not available on the Strip
Private pool
Corporate group looking for strategizing/gathering opportunity without the distraction of casino
Large families traveling with children seek security and quiet for family gathering
Families desiring a destination to gather for the holidays; you can't have a Christmas tree in a hotel room
Non-smokers looking for a non-smoking environment
Non-gamblers who wanted to enjoy Las Vegas but did not want to stay at a hotel casino
A short Uber ride from the Strip allowed for quiet family time as well as a night out for Mom/Dad
Family attending a child's sporting event
Group retreat desiring quiet environment not offered by accommodations on the Strip
Las Vegas in March offers warm weather relief from other parts of the country but Las Vegas hotels do not provide an opportunity for family-time.
Small corporate groups that cannot justify private banquet room rental, prefer a living room for meetings/retreat

Your e-mail can be similar to the following -- feel free to copy and paste and adjust as you see fit ....




My family supports Short Term Rentals in Las Vegas.  Please do NOT take this valuable option away from me or place more restrictions on people offering this option.  We want to experience a home away from home when we travel to Las Vegas and a casino hotel cannot offer us that option.  We are not looking to throw loud parties or disturb neighbors (anybody looking to do that should be fined and/or evicted from the house).  We enjoy spending time with our relatives or co-workers in a peaceful, smoke free environment away from the Strip.  We still like to go the Strip and gamble, see shows, go to fine restaurants and clubs while we are in Las Vegas but when we are not doing that we enjoy the private pool, private kitchen, a safe environment for our kids, meeting space in a house to do team-building exercises with my co-workers.  Vacation Rentals offer this - casino hotels do not.  If I don't have the option of staying in a house when I come to Las Vegas then I will not visit Las Vegas nearly as often or not at all. 


PLEASE support your your Short Term Rental Owners and work with them to come up with an ordinance that works well for the City, the County, the Short Term Rental Owners, the Short Term Rental Managers, the Neighbors, the Police, Code-Enforcement, the Casinos and everybody that is affected (and can benefit) from a well run Short Term Rental program.  There is WAY too much demand for Short Term rentals nationwide (especially in a tourist destination city like Las Vegas) to ban them or place unreasonable regulations on them that effectively bans them.  If the rules are reasonable and owners do not have to operate in the shadows then the city, owners, and managers can work together in the OPEN to ensure that Vacation Rentals do not negatively impact the community and help bring more people and business to Las Vegas.







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