777RENTALS Terms and Conditions

By accepting this reservation electronically online your IP address is recorded indicating your acceptance of the terms listed below in this contract.  

IMPORTANT NOTICE - All of our properties are intended to be used as FAMILY or CORPORATE type rentals.  We do not allow large gatherings, parties etc at ANY of our houses.  In addition we do not allow or tolerate loud noises outside.  

Quiet Hours for all of our houses are from 8:00pm - 10:00am.  NO NOISE audible to neighbors is allowed during the Quiet Hours.  Any noise during other times of the day must be at a very reasonable level.

24 Hour a day rules ...

1) No Loud Music
2) No Microphones or Loud Speakers
3) No Large Gatherings without permission
4) No Smoking Inside

Violation of these rules may lead to eviction and/or a fine.

Please DO NOT rent from us if you think you will have people in your group that will be noisy outside or disrespectful to our property owners or neighbors in any way.  If you have any questions regarding these rules please call us at 702-289-8669 to discuss.  Thank you! 

LAS VEGAS ORDINANCE -- If neighbors call code enforcement or the police to complain about noise from a rental the police or code enforcement have the discretion to write everyone a $250 ticket and to disburse the "party" immediately.  Please do not misrepresent your use of the property or the number of people that will be there - it is not worth it.  We do not rent out "party houses." 

ALL RESERVATIONS - Text (preferred) a picture of your ID to 702-289-8669.  If you cannot text the picture you can e-mail (contracts@777rentals.com), fax (702-951-5440), or mail a copy of your ID to us.

ALL RESERVATIONS paid for with a credit card - Text (preferred) a picture of the front of your credit card (WITH SOME NUMBERS BLOCKED OFF) to 702-289-8669.  If you cannot text the picture you can e-mail, fax, or mail the copy of your credit card to us.

You may make a deposit by personal check, cashiers check, ACH, or wire at ANY Wells Fargo Bank using the following information.  We prefer that you do not deposit cash so that the payment is more easily tracked and applied to the correct reservation.  Please text (preferred) 702-289-8669, call or email us if you make a deposit or send a wire. Please include your name and dates of your stay.

Direct Deposit or Wire Info ... Wilham Vacation Homes LLC, 7582 Las Vegas Blvd S #574, Las Vegas, NV 89123

Wells Fargo (Nevada Branch)
Account Name - Wilham Vacation Homes LLC
Routing Number -  121000248 (wires)
Routing Number -  321270742 (paper & electronic)
Wells Fargo's SWIFT Code number is WFBIUS6S

Minimum Age for Lessee listed below is 21 years old (must include copy of ID)

Commencement of tenancy: Check-in time is 3:00 pm.  Should tenancy begin prior to 3:00 pm, additional charges may apply. In the event that the tenant does not vacate by 10:00 am upon completion of his/her tenancy, additional charges may apply.

Non-Smoking: All properties are non-smoking. Any tenant found in violation may be charged an additional housekeeping fee of up to $1,000.00 Smoking is permitted outside.

No Pets: No pets are allowed. Any tenant found in violation may be charged an additional housekeeping fee of up to $1,000.00.

Events: NO Events of ANY KIND are permitted unless specifically authorized in your offer -- If you want to have a gathering of over 5 people (in addition to those staying at the property) you must obtain approval by e-mail.

NO DJs Allowed outside/ No HIGH POWERED SPEAKERS allowed outside
No Microphones allowed outside / No Large Gatherings allowed

If any sort of event or gathering is permitted all outside noise must end by 8:00pm.  

Parking: Tenants must park vehicles in the designated parking spaces, driveways, or garages, where applicable. Under no circumstances is parking allowed in front of neighboring homes. Any tenant found in violation may be subject to fines and/or towing.

Damage Assessment: By entering into this lease agreement, you hereby authorize 777Rentals.com to assess charges to your credit card for theft, excessive cleaning, excessive utility usage or damage beyond normal wear or tear. An excessive cleaning charge may result from and is not limited to: smoking inside the home, excessive garbage that is not collected and bagged, staining of the carpets, linens and towels and human fluids that are not cleaned/disposed of such as urine and vomit. In the event that theft or damage occurs or excessive cleaning is required, an accounting and invoice will be sent within 14 days (usually much sooner).

OPTIONAL Property Damage Protection Policy:  If desired you may purchase a property damage protection policy at http://www.propertydamageprotection.com/ (if you need it ask us for the Homeaway property ID number).  This policy covers any accidental damage to the property that occurs during your stay.  You must report the damage to 777rentals.com prior to checkout. If the damage is not reported prior to checkout then the charges for damages may be deducted from your security deposit or placed on your credit card - PLEASE LET US KNOW OF ANY DAMAGES.  There is a $100 charge for 777Rentals to fill out any claim paperwork

Security Deposit: A security deposit is also required for this reservation.  The deposit is needed to cover possible pool heat charges, PPV charges, damages that are not covered under the accidental damage protection plan (if purchased separately by guest) and labor and time to handle a damage claim.  The tenant will be charged a $100 fee if a damage claim needs to be filed.  We will attempt to collect from the insurance policy first.  If the insurance company does not cover the claim then we will process the damages on the credit card provided.  The security deposit will be refunded within 7 days after checkout if there is no damage or missing items.  If items are missing or damage to the property is discovered a full accounting will be provided and the appropriate amount will be retained.  The remaining balance of the security deposit will be released.  If damages or charges not covered by the $3,000 property damage protection policy are above the security deposit amount then Wilham Vacation Homes LLC is authorized to place additional charges on the credit card used for the deposit.  For reservations over 21 days a larger security deposit may be required

NOTE: Cleaning up STAINS on carpets is not part of the normal cleaning charge.  Most stains require cleaning by a professional company and a charge from $75 - $350 may be withheld from you security authorization if there are any sort of stains left on the carpet after your stay. 

Utility Usage:  We want you to be comfortable during your stay, but please do not leave the windows or doors open if you are heating or cooling the house.  Doing so will create an enormous power bill for the owner of the house.  For stays over 30 nights there is a cap on gas and electric use ($300/mo for properties under 2,000sf, $500/mo for properties under 3,000sf, $750/mo for properties from 3,000 - 4,500sf and $1,000/mo for properties over 4,500sf).  Any amount used (total of gas and electric) over the cap will be charged to the customer.  

Checkout Procedures: I agree to vacate said premises upon the termination of this agreement at the hour and date shown above. Before vacating, I will:

  1. Place all used dishes and kitchen items in the dishwasher and start a wash cycle
  2. Collect and bag all garbage and place in garage or dumpster (if there is one for the property)
  3. Turn off all lights and appliances
  4. Close and lock the premises (and set alarm if possible)

The Maximum number of cars and people allowed at a property is limited - 1 car per 4 people and no more than the max occupancy for the property is allowed at the property at anytime. Many properties have cameras outside so we will know if this contract term is violated (cameras and footage are only checked if issues arise). If this contract term is violated (without written permission) you will be subject to a fine of up to $1,000 by 777Rentals and immediate eviction without refund. Please do not misrepresent your use of the property or the number of people that will be there - it is not worth it. 

Pool and Spa Heat: There is an extra charge for pool and spa heat - inquire

1) Motorcycles are NOT permitted on the property 
2) Be respectful of the neighbors – keep the noise reasonable at ALL TIMES.  Quiet Hours are from 8pm - 10am (no noise audible to neighbors is permitted during this time).

This credit card used for the security authorization will be used to pay for any damages and/or any incidental charges approved by the tenant.  I promise to pay such total in accordance with the agreement governing the use of this card. I, authorize Wilham Vacation Homes LLC to charge my credit card all applicable amounts. I also certify that all ordered services are non-cancelable and full payment will be collected upon. 

By accepting this reservation electronically online your IP address is recorded indicating your acceptance of the terms listed below in this contract.  

Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Release

If your rental property has a swimming pool, spa or hot tub located thereon tenants will use the swimming pool and/or hot tub at the tenant's own risk. The owner and Wilham Vacation Homes LLC (dba 777rentals) will not be held responsible for the injuries sustained by the tenant and/or the tenant’s occupants or guests when using the swimming pool and/or hot tub, and the tenant will indemnify the owner and Wilham Vacation Homes LLC (dba 777rentals) for any actions resulting from injuries to tenant and/or tenant’s occupants or guests.

Liability Release 

Wilham Vacation Homes LLC and the property owner shall be held harmless from damage to property, loss or theft of personal property or personal injury damage occurring to any guest or tenant, whether disclosed or not disclosed to Wilham Vacation Homes LLC while said tenant or guest is utilizing any service provided by Wilham Vacation Homes LLC.

Remedy Disclosure

In the event of any breach flowing from this agreement or any dispute hereunder, all parties, their heirs and assigns consent to the jurisdiction of the state of Nevada. Should any disputes arise by and between the parties to this agreement, their heirs or assigns, the prevailing party shall be entitled to its actual attorney's fee in relation thereto.